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Facts On Procrastination

Most people at some point in their lives or even many times in a given month procrastinate due to many reasons that affect them, procrastination can be the result of anxiety, low self worth, self defeating mentality and perfection.

Although is not considered a mental disorder there are some facts on procrastination that we should be aware of. A person that procrastinates wants to delay the work that have to be done right know, usually due to the amount of effort involved in the task.

You should know that not all the people that procrastinate are lazy people and this happens a lot with students. Some students are not lazy but they just cant get the work done because the feel overwhelmed and confused, sometimes they have emotional problems so they dont feel in the mood to focus and concentrate on a task.

Other causes are waiting for the right time to do things, lack of clear goals, lack of clear instructions and psychological problems. There are people that just cant focus on that single task, they do many other un important tasks but they dont do what is important to complete the work.

This create different consequences in people like low academic performance, stress, a sense of guilt for not completing the work, lack of personal productivity and some people can get in to a crisis.

Another important cause of procrastination is perfection, people that want to do everything perfect tend to delay the task until they can be sure that nothing will be wrong, they are insecure and have fear of failing to do things the way they are expected to be.
Further research, tests and studies are needed to get some clear statistics and facts of what is the major cause of procrastination and how can it be avoided.

Quick Tip #1
Write down all your goals for the Next Day the previous night

Quick Tip #2
Turn off all electronic devices and communication just use what you really need to accomplish your task, like paper, computer, etc.

Quick Tip #3
Set a schedule for all your work tasks and dont stop until you have finished your tasks one by one

"Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task", William James.
As you can see the the above quote, not completing your tasks can be very frustrating and fatiguing, you better do it.

"Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday", Don Marquis.

That quote says clearly how procrastination trying to do what is suppose to be done yesterday.

"Anyone can do any amount of work, provided it isn't the work he is supposed to be doing at that moment", Robert Benchley.
That quote is very true, most people do any kind of work, but not what they should be doing to accomplish their tasks.

"To think too long about doing a thing often becomes it's undoing", Eva Young.

If you think too much of how you are going to do something, you will probably not do it. Is better
to start now doing something even if its not perfect.

"The best way to get something done is to begin"

This is a powerful quote, the cure to procrastination is to begin right now. Nothing will get done if you dont begin.

Those are some very good quotes on procrastination and what it means. Dont setback your tasks for another day, do them now and you will be ahead of 99% of people that dont want to put the effort into getting something done in their lives.

I recommend you to print the above quotes and keep them near you, so the next time you want to put aside some work, read the quotes and it will remind you to continue. Nothing great has been done in this world by procrastinating. All great achievers have one thing in common, they get things done no matter what

Facts and Procrastination Studies

Most students, executives, employees of any age tend to be victim of procrastination, which is the habit of avoiding doing the work or using excuses to do it later. Although procrastination is most of the time referred as an habit, there are studies made about if its a psychological problem or biological problem.The Procrastination Research Group made a survey to 2,700 and asked them how much negative impact does procrastination have on your happiness? 46% said that very much and 18% said that an extreme negative effect.

People who procrastinate always look for excuses not to get done things and is always thinking in the past rather than in its intentions or goals. They have low self esteem sometimes self deception, low self confidence and anxiety.

There are different reasons whey people procrastinate, students know that they have to to their work and get it done by a deadline. However, if the task is not fun or is not something they love to do, they put it aside and do many other things first, then at the last minute they engage in their work, with stress, anxiety and usually poor performance.

That does not mean that all procrastinators achieve low results, in fact there have been geniuses that were procrastinators. For example, a student can avoid doing his homework and he does it just a few hours before the deadline, but has a lot of talent and can get done the task quick and with quality.

That is also the case of some artists, like Leaonardo Davinci that start a work of art but they put it aside and dont finished until much later or when they are inspired. Some people want to do their work when they are inspired and are in the right mood to do it well.

However, we are not all geniuses and we usually have short amount of time to accomplish our tasks, so we need to fit on our schedule. You need to look for a specific goal and work every day towards it.

Studies show that procrastination is usually a psychological problem, although a lot have to be researched on this subject. This bad habit can be helpful for an artist or a song writer that want to work when he is inspired, but not for everyone, in school or at work, we dont usually need inspiration for most of our tasks, we just need to get them done, they are simple but requires work.

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